RBT Institute is an Independent Online Learning venture powered by teachable.com and developed by RealBoldTruth Ministries L.L.C. All courses are demonstrated from a biblical perspective. It will host a collection of Self-Empowering Master Classes that will motivate enrollees to transform into the forces they are meant to be.

 The Mentality Makeover Series


A 6 week Masterclass that will assist participants in the process of removing destructive thinking patterns, emotions and experiences. Each participant will be provided structured guidance, community and challenged to shift old routines with productive habits. Topics discussed include, anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, self-value, and defeating depression, and addictive behavior patterns.


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The Mentality Makeover - Multiple Sclerosis

The Doctor says you have MS, NOW WHAT? It may seem scary, threatening and unpredictable but life's far from over! Rather, it's just the beginning of an incredible journey to wellness!

This Free course will be self-paced and includes the following topics:

* Understanding and Accepting the Diagnosis & Disease

* Choices in Medication & Treatment 

* Essentials in a Healthy Support System (Including your Medical Team)

* Staying well amidst COVID-19 

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An extension to this course will offer virtual support with industry experts on every aspect of caring for yourself or a loved one living with MS. - Debuting August 2020

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