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The Speaker

Opportunities to speak publicly began to bombard Chanel after word quickly spread about the blog and talk shows. She has spoken at several Faith Based events. Most recently, she was featured as the key note motivational speaker at The South Eastern Pennsylvania Health Information Management Association’s (SEPHIMA) winter conference in December 2017. Her 20 years of experience in Health Care Administration coupled with her inspirational speaking style, more than qualified her for this event.

Speaking Topics

Chanel Walker-Bailey is a dynamic, engaging and informative inspirational speaker.  Although the topics she presents tend to be profound in nature, she delivers them with a great deal of charming personality.  Chanel utilizes her own personal experiences inviting listeners to connect with her human dimension. She frequently incorporates humor whenever appropriate to ease tension on complicated subjects. Chanel is extremely passionate about assisting others in areas that she has persevered through. She believes that all pain and challenges have principle and that her purpose in life is to uplift others facing what she survived.
Chanel specializes in delivering talks and workshops in the following areas:

Mental Health

(Most of these subjects are presented from a Christian biblical perspective (unless otherwise requested) and can be delivered as a one-day work shop or a 60-minute inspirational talk.) 

Intentional Mental Health Fitness

Being a survivor of more than two decades of depression, Chanel has adopted a daily regimen to maintain mental fitness regularly.  Nearly five years ago, she made up in her mind that it was beyond time to take hold of her thoughts and begin having a more victorious life. Today she is permanently set free from the daily torment she use to face and longs to share the tools she uses in order to help others rise above crippling mindsets as well. For whom the Son sets free, is Free Indeed!
(John 8:36)

Navigating Through Life's Challenges

Every person on this earth will face difficulties that sometimes will rock us to the core. These moments can leave us feeling devastated beyond repair, victimized and disheartened. All these thoughts are false regardless of what we encounter.  When facing a “Hard Press” in life, we can endure with the only hope that remains consistent and true in order to come out redefined. Chanel delivers this concept with deep conviction and authority which includes detailed instructions on how to survive life shattering moments.

Physical Health

Multiple Sclerosis – Now What? – Receiving a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis can be life changing and very scary.  However, it’s no death or permanent disability sentence by far!  Chanel Walker-Bailey received this news about her own health in 2010. She has survived all the emotions, testing and treatment recommendations. Today she lives a very productive and healthy lifestyle. She can offer encouragement to others from her personal experiences and adopted wellbeing methods to do the same. Life is not over but just beginning after MS!

Business Health

Transiting Your Skills for Work Place Promotion – Chanel Walker-Bailey worked in the Healthcare Administration field for more than 20 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in the same specialty. Chanel began her career in corporate America with very humble beginnings. She held various clerical positions with multiple organization. Ultimately and over time she worked her way up into management roles. Chanel is able to offer practical but sound advice, (Mainly for her fellow Generation Xers) on the process of shifting and preparing for promotion.

Additional Presentations outside of this list of specalties can be customized to related business, health, and spiritual topics upon request. All will be delivered with the same level of excellence and professionalism.  Please fill out the contact form to inquire about your specific speaker event needs.